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Love is the Message

Beauty is not stupid

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(c) dog images from mydoggie.com

I sell J-magazines, J-rock CDs, J-rap CDs, and many more authentic Japanese products (and other Asian goods) for your needs at decent prices.

ADD ME!!! I'll update you with the new goods or sales.

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'I go to fashion art college (hmm?! now which one can that be? It's not my rival school PARSONS though... hint hint) in NYC who loves J-rock, Canto-pop, OPM, and niphop, Asian fashion (Japan, HK, Korean), Pekingese and Pom Poms (fluffy dogs), and cell phones... everything cute!!!' And yeah... I'm poor as hell and need to sell some stuff for college. T__T' So please help a sister out? Thanks. ^_^ Always check up on my list of buyers and their comments. I thank you all. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Feel free to post pics of the things you bought and I will gladly put them up on a seperate file.

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